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The definitive mid-size CNC lathe incorporating years of know-how accumulated by DAINICHI as a CNC lathe specialist.

  1. Features a robust integrated design with a wide bed width of 630 mm and a deep sliding surface across its entire length with a level degree of hardening, maintaining a high degree of precision over an extended period of time. The sliding surface employs a two-way equal angle approach to provide greater cutting resistance and inhibit meandering upon carriage movement. Further, a completely free-chip flow cutting process is used, as shown in the diagram.
  2. A wide range of center-to-center distance options are available, from 1,000 mm chucker work pieces to 5,000 mm center work pieces.
  3. Features three main spindle rotating speeds (two for the MX) controlled hydraulically with NC commands, with a mid-speed setting provided.
  4. Provides a broad range of spindle speeds, from M85 10–1,800 r.p.m. to MX85 10–1,120 r.p.m.
  5. Horizontal-type automatic four-direction cutter holder equipped as standard, along with an index motor allowing for smooth, high-speed indexing
  6. Tailstock movement and clamping performed hydraulically, simplifying user operation.
  7. An MDI/LCD has been added to the highly portable pendant, and an operating switch has been added machine side to allow for centralized control and management for tasks covering cuts at the work position through to self-diagnosis.
  8. Worker side splash cover and rear cover provided as standard.
  9. Bright fluorescent lamp provided as a work lamp as standard.
  10. Mechanically and electrically integrated
    control panel: Hydraulic equipment implemented in an integral manner.
    However, chip pans and chip conveyors are installed separately.

Main Spec

Swing over bed
Swing over carriage
Distance between centers
Supporting weight between centers
Main motor
Spindle speeds