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High performance CNC lathe

Offering flexible performance only found with a manual handle. Twin turret designs offering further flexibility!

A highly productive mobile-type CNC lathe with 25 distinct features.

  1. Automatic main shaft speed shifting (3 groups hydraulic type)
  2. Includes an operation cover, front surface cover can also be applied (option, available up to the 200 series)
  3. Mechanically and electrically integrated design
  4. Wide ranging spindle speed (3–1,800min-1)
  5. Constant surface speed control also possible in manual mode
  6. 12″ hydraulic chuck equipped as standard
  7. Horizontal-type automatic four-station cutter holder equipped as standard (easily replaced by a horizontal six-station cutter holder or an eight-station drum-type cutter holder)
  8. V8-type facing cutter holder (option)
  9. Thick tailstock spindle (100 mm in diameter) providing a maximum thrust of 10,200 N, with a center-to-center support weight of 1,600 kg
  10. Left-right movable pendant (capable of oscillating 90°)
  11. Playback feature enabling the creation of programs that memorize test cutting data to be recalled at a later point (option)
  12. 3-stage handle feeding (0.001/0.01/0.1 mm per pulse)
  13. Rear surface cover
  14. Hydraulic tailstock spindle (manual tailstock spindle like that shown in the photo on the right also available)
  15. Chip conveyors (option) in the form of a below bed conveyor enabling greater chip sweeping, or a rear bed conveyor that reduces the service area required
  16. Uses an AC spindle motor that does not require maintenance
  17. Uses high performance, high precision ball screws
  18. Offers a wide bed (480 mm), a symmetrical V-shaped carriage sliding surface that is resistant to meandering, and a bed/leg integrated cast metal structure
  19. Provides an X/Z-axis manual handle that allows for operation while observing the cutting edge
  20. Inch and millimeter-length screw cutting is a simple process that can be performed through single fixed cycle or manual handle cutting, or a combination of both.
  21. Feed on/off switch in manual mode (enabling the same feed amounts as a general-purpose machine each time)
  22. Foot switch for moving the tailstock spindle that allows jog feeding
  23. Main spindle monolever startup switch in manual mode
  24. Convenient air floating device for moving the tailstock
  25. Manual guide i with proprietary DAINICHI materials files and tooling files

Main Spec

Swing over bed
Swing over carriage
Distance between centers
Supporting weight between centers
Main motor
Spindle speeds