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Corporate Philosophy

Overcoming boundaries, national borders, and limits.

A continual pursuit for the “potential” within oneself - free from boundaries, national borders and limits - a search for something new rather than the status quo. This is DAINICHI.

We feel that continuing to pursue “potential” while remaining steadfastly aware of our roots is the surefire key to “progress”. In an age where offering high quality products and services is taken for granted, we must ask ourselves - can the products and services we provide be improved? Have we correctly identified our customers’ needs...? We must keep these lingering concerns at the forefront of our minds in order to continue the pursuit for further “potential”. However, simply resolving these concerns is not going to lead to better quality products and services by itself. “All for customers” - this is the core philosophy of DAINICHI. To ensure that this is always at the forefront of our minds, we place particular importance on establishing a dialog with our customers. Before the product is delivered we pay particular attention to consulting with, and proposing solutions to the customer until their needs are satisfactorily met, while particular focus is put on providing finely-tuned customer support services after the product is delivered. Through this dialog with customers, we look to uncovering additional “potential” in our products and services, leading to further product and service improvements. DAINICHI continues to seek new possibilities in a desire to keep evolving.

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At DAINICHI, “delivering on customer satisfaction” forms the basic principle on which the company is founded, and we will continue to strive towards enhancing quality, reducing delivery times, cutting costs and enriching our service lineup as a provider of so-called mother machines - machine tools that aid key industry production from the ground up. Further, the technical capabilities, and production and processing know-how accumulated over the years in the development of mid- to large-sized long-length machinery has long been one of the company’s core competencies, and is one in which we will continue to actively specialize in by openly fostering the development of young human resources while continuing to take environmental concerns, and energy-saving and safety measures into consideration.

Representative DirectorAkira Koyama